Just finished Double Blind. Good grief your mind concocted THAT  and also does children’s stories?

From a reader:

Oh my! Just finished Double Blind.

Good grief your plot and mind that concocted THAT  and also does children’s stories leaves me in amazement.

At first I almost stopped reading as it was just plain gory and sickening to spend time reading about people at the mercy of their repulsive delusions. I might have stopped but I had such a favorable impression of your personality and I had promised to read it. I have to say now I’m truly glad I did. I do read fast and I kinda sped through a few sections wanting to get more details. I liked Carley and Sergio, felt they could be real people, and actually understood the motivations of the others because you fleshed out their characters so well. One thing I didn’t quite get was how Big Brass turned into such a staunch guy so quickly for Johnny, I expected at the end in the hospital room to find out he was undercover…I could write so much more but by now you know I thought the plot was outstanding, triple convoluted, and so well thought out.

A reader gets sucked into the story as the descriptions and dialog make it seem real.

There were a few times I just wanted to warn the characters because their analysis was so off base, but then it would be just that way if those things had really happened. You are truly gifted I think. So now I will be looking up the next case of your dynamic duo but I hope, being a little old grandma and all, that it won’t be quite so graphic. I’ll write a review tomorrow, you’ll get high marks. Great work! 

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4 thoughts on “Just finished Double Blind. Good grief your mind concocted THAT  and also does children’s stories?

    1. That was the goal.

      By starting with the line “The killer clutched and re-clutched the big knife, his heart pounding as he eyed his prey.” – you immediately know you have a killer, a victim, and a murder about to happen. Then it’s all about suspense until the murder happens, at which point it’s very gory (to make an impression) and when we see how much the killer enjoys it, we know we have a complete psycho on our hands. It’s gory but you can’t look away, and when you know what he’s capable of, you really start to worry every time he appears.


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