A story about power, politics, money, and sex…

A story about power, politics, money, and sex will last a long time in the news media.

Does that mean a fiction book written that way will be more appetizing for general readers?

Or does a genre have an optimal combination of those?

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6 thoughts on “A story about power, politics, money, and sex…

  1. There are a few out there who approve of the abuse of power and the politics that currently go with it. Personally, I’m ashamed that our country has stooped to this level and allowed this to continue. There is nothing positive coming from it.

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    1. I’m always proud of a country that allows for the peaceful transition of power every four years for president and every two years for the House of Representatives. I was proud of the USA when Obama was president and I’m proud now that Trump is. Y pride in the what my country and I can tolerate lots of people who disagree with me, but I have my limits. Too often the stains of abuse of power appear on numerous hands but only certain people get in trouble for it. People pick sides and set their brains on a shelf. I have great neighbors, many of whom vote differently from how I do; to watch the news, you’d think I hate them. Far from it. We agree on most of the same things, we just have different solutions to our problems.


      1. From my earlier statement, you can assume correctly that I don’t approve of Trump and his prejudices. I don’t understand the Republican leadership that remains silent to his tweets, speeches, etc. I have an open mind, however, when he makes statements like the ones he made last weekend (go back where you came from) I classify him as a racist and white supremacist. I can’t support that type of man.


  2. I find it baffling that any educated person would put their hope or energies into a failing system that has never been for it’s own people. I worked in Washington D.C. for lobbyists who represented every republican, democrat and idiot in the middle who slept around, smoked their cigars while drinking their cognac and pushing “bills” to get signed around the table because they all believed the American people were idiots. The whole mess of them mingle at parties and go to private schools that the average person will never have access to, yet they persuade us to their bidding as if we are equal. Putrid


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