In case you were wondering…

Slowwww progress but we’re getting there.

It’s been a rough week of the flu but Savvy and I should be okay for Christmas. (Michele has dodged this bullet so far.)

Are all of you guys okay? Doing your last minute shopping?

Got a Christmas illness story you wanna relate? But only if it has a happy ending!

18 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. I am sorry Savvy and you are both ill, Dan. Glad you are recovering. I have never been ill over Christmas but had chicken pox over my Grade 5 year end exams and German measles over my Grade 11 year end exams. Both times I escaped the exams and was given a year average.

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  2. Christmas hols 1970 (ish) I didn’t shave for several days on account of “man flu”. I asked Mrs P. could I keep it (the incipient beard) she said “Yes, but ditch the moustache!” Happy ending? All three of us are still together!
    I hope you and Savvy recover quickly and keep writing – and that Mrs Dan escapes the flu. Have a great Christmas y’all.

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