Help me pick a new cover for The Navigators!

Wanna help again?

Your input was so valuable on the Double Blind cover, we decided to put you smart people to work again.

I always liked the original cover for The Navigators, but maybe we can do better.

Which cover screams time travel adventure to you?


Or should we stick with the original cover, below:


Make your selection and comment below.

(Please let me know what you usually read and/or if you read science fiction, particularly time travel stories. This one is a fast-paced adventure.)


Buy The Navigators paperback (with the old cover and still with cuss words for now) for $12.99 or get the eBook (also with the old cover but NO cuss words) for $2.99.

They both make great Christmas presents, by the way!

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29 thoughts on “Help me pick a new cover for The Navigators!

  1. Two is definitely my first choice. Should catch the eye of both gender buyers and ‘feels’ more adventuresome than the others.

    One is my second but I think would draw more women and feels more ‘cerebral/mystical’


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  2. #2 was my first choice with #3 a close second. I wonder,too, is there too much text for the front? For me, one strap line – the shorter one about secrets – is sufficient. The thing abut “What would you change . ..” is pretty much illegible on a thumbnail anyway and would do better at the top of the back page.

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    1. Good input!

      Yeah, you can’t see that fine print on the thumbnail, but if you click the thumbnail you need to have a little bit more information to get them to read the blurb. The blurb needs to get them to click “buy.“

      So it all interrelates, but without an eye-catching cover, the rest doesn’t matter too much.


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