Lots going on! Here’s a pre-holiday gift. (Feel free to share.)

img_2351-16Lots going on! Here’s a pre-holiday gift. (Feel free to share. In fact, PLEASE reblog, share, etc.)

I’m taking part in a MYSTERY GENRE BOOK GIVEAWAY! As part of that, we have to do things like this occasionally, which feel spammy but really aren’t.

Check it out! Lots of free stuff you can get. How cool is that?

I checked these promoters out with a New York Times bestselling author friend, who referred them to me, so it’s cool. Click this link:

Even cooler, I KNOW some of these people and they write good stuff.

Maybe they all do. I’m not sure. Probably.

See my book in there? How cool is that?

It is. It’s kinda cool. It looks like a real ad.

Anyway, that’s a special promotion I got involved in to give you guys a nice holiday deal. You get some books, share with friends, very little money spent, a win-win. You’re welcome. So click on it, register to win free stuff, and share this post with your friends who like books! Which is everyone.

The release of the horror anthology audio book for Dark Visions is coming up, and I’m working on the next book in the Double Blind series – for those of you who read the ARC copy. (Hey, post your review, would you???). Busy, busy, busy.

Click the link and grabs some free books!


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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

2 thoughts on “Lots going on! Here’s a pre-holiday gift. (Feel free to share.)

  1. Awesome, Dan. My copies of Dark Visions finally arrived so the hard copy is now on Africa soil [haha!]. I am giving all six away for Christmas gifts.I am looking forward to the audio book and also have The Short Years as an audio book and I am getting Poggibonsi next.

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