Help me choose a new cover! YOUR input is needed!

This one’s pretty simple, gang.

I made a placeholder cover for my new murder mystery Double Blind, and now I need to go for reals.

These are the top four.

Which do you like best for my murder mystery thriller?

four covers combo

Make your selection and comment below.

(Please let me know what you usually read and/or if you read murder mysteries.)


It’s a good old fashioned Florida recount!

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29 thoughts on “Help me choose a new cover! YOUR input is needed!

  1. Three – where is he going and who or what could be lurking in the shadows? I like the alley in no. two, but it depends what you want the face of the woman to tell us – is she the heroine or the victim?

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    1. That’s one of the reasons why I liked #2, my mind immediately wanted to know, “Is she one of the detectives or is she going to get hurt?” … She looks too pretty to be the serial killer, but who knows what goes on in Dan’s mind, *wink.

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  2. On whole, I like the layout of #2 but not sure I like the image of the face. I wonder if you can duplicate and flip the lower image like the opening credits of “Bosch”? Just a thought.
    I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, historical fiction, and literary fiction and a wide assortment of non-fiction.

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  3. To be honest none of them are appealing and would stand out in a line up against other mystery books. You are unique with your own style. Your cover should reflect it. Dark Vision was a great cover and sold the reader on the idea of what was within. Your cover Savy Stories and Poggibonsi were covers that popped and grabbed attention. If I had to pick one of the four, it would be #1. My advice, try again.

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    1. Aha – and that’s what I orthought. That’s why I picked the guy with the gun originally. To me, that cover said: cop story.

      But then when you start looking at the murder mystery‘s, that’s not how they roll.

      Cowboy romances have lots of shirtless six pad six pack ab guys in 10 gallon hat. Number

      Romances have good looking characters on the front

      High fantasy tend to have swords and Gothic looking gilded stuff

      But just re-watched right readers apparently want a little mystery even in the cover.

      There’s a difference between blending in so that you are a noticeable, and fitting in so that people who reach for a bag of potato chips don’t end up with a case a real a spool of barbed wire.

      Then once they start to enjoy your product, they will love you or hate you or whatever. But the trick is to get them to try it first.

      To that end, we concluded we need to look like what the reader expected us to look like, and not look like something else.

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      1. You are correct, each genre has its typical cover and most of them are boring and unattractive. Color, style, correct fonts, and grabbing graphics are what attracts the reader no matter the genre. Yet, the cover should give you a hint of what you will be reading. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion. Good luck with your search.

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