Guest Post by Dan Alatorre: Compiling an Anthology, Part 1

Great info – from ME!

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Sometimes I have crazy ideas…but I’ve admitted that before.

When I started teaching a bit of 7th and 8th grade Creative Writing, I had this grand vision of compiling and polishing student stories, and maybe- why not?!- publishing our own little classroom anthology.

Then the school year started, and reality hit. I would have to duplicate myself to have enough time to take on that project.

However, I had already talked with Dan Alatorre, an author and fellow blogger who runs some great contests, (one of which I took part in,) AND compiles anthologies. He was willing to share the process he goes through when putting together an anthology of different authors.

It just happened that as I’m diving into my first NaNoWriMo, Dan got back to me with these great insights, which he was willing to share.

Take it away…

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Dan Alatorre: Compiling an Anthology, Part 1

    1. Yeah, like it says, the readers of my blog kept suggesting that I should have a writing contest. I said no for a long time and then one day I just said OK let’s give it a try. Everything else kind of happened after that. We just learned it all as we went along.


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