You have questions. Ask away.

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This blog has long been a friendly place to come and learn, and what better way to learn than to ask?

You have questions. Writer stuff, marketing, motivation, you name it.


Your questions. Your challenges. Your issues.

If I don’t know, we’ll put it out to my vast network of author friends and get an answer. Or I’ll make something up.


Many people helped me when I was starting out because I was willing to ask what I needed to know.

That shortened my learning curve substantially.

– Dan Alatorre

So go ahead. Ask me anything.

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

4 thoughts on “You have questions. Ask away.

    1. Schedule your free day after you schedule a free promotion through some sort of paid media. There are a few that I recommend but since they’re not paying me I’m not gonna do it publicly. I’ll tell you privately of course.

      There will be a bunch of downloads the day your free promotion runs, but it’ll be 10 times or 20 times the amount it would be because you’re using a paid media source. The next day you’ll sell a stack of books when the thing reverts back to its original price because a lot of people will have gotten become aware of it during its free day. It’ll show up on their radar screens but they weren’t able to buy it when it was free and they’re going to be intrigued and want to buy it. Also, because it did well as a free day, it will appear on some lists and that will also garner some interest.

      As for which day of the week to do it? People are almost superstitious about that type of thing. I’m not sure it really matters but I would say Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. I figure people buy a book on Thursday to start reading it over the weekend. But there’s just as much logic to doing it on Monday.

      Only thing I would steer away from? Holidays. As in, don’t have your free promo go on Mother’s Day. A few days before Mother’s Day? Sure. On Mother’s Day? No. And that goes for most holidays.

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