How to become instagram famous ? – tips and tricks

I have lots of followers, and each brings different ideas to the table. Here, #3 tells about an aspect of social media that more and more placed like Facebook and Twitter are using. Know the rules and exploit yourself accordingly:

“When you upload a new photo instagram will only show it to 10% of your instagram followers. Depending on how good is your audiences response in first crucial moments of its existence, instagram decides if they are gonna show it to the rest of your followers, too”

Thanks to Natalia for this valuable info!



Hey. I’ve been on instagram for a long time now so let me share with you my observations on how things work on there. I’m no professional so please don’t take this article as a manual on how to become instagram famous just as a tips that could help you reach your goal.

I assume that you already have instagram account so I’ll skip the part about signing up and basic introduction. Here are my tips and tricks on how to become instagram famous:


It doesn’t matter if you have millions of followers if you post crappy photos it won’t really matter and you will lose them. I would define crappy photos as low quality photos – small size, blurry (well this could be optional, if it fits your aesthetics then go for it) with bad angles, bad lightning, controversial subjects.

It’s better if you choose your theme. Who…

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4 thoughts on “How to become instagram famous ? – tips and tricks

  1. I just left blogging and am on Instagram and Facebook. Fun and easier. I spent so much time on blogging! 6 + 1/2 years! Smiles, Robin
    (robincochran55 on Instagram
    Robin O Cochran on FB, just started on these in Sept, 18)

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