Sample Saturday: “Ghosts of Tupelo”

Sharon E. Cathcart

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Hi, everyone. Today, I’m honored to welcome visitors from the Dark Visions blog tour! As you saw in yesterday’s post, the anthology is sitting at number 1 in its category, and I’m very excited to be able to call myself a best-selling author at last!

Today’s sample is from my award-winning short story, “Ghosts of Tupelo,” which was selected for the anthology. The action takes place at the Elvis Presley Birthplace Center, in Tupelo, Miss.

I get tired of explaining to people that my mom is sick. I wish things were different, but I’m old enough to know that’s never going to happen. I used to get really mad about her illness, but I don’t anymore. I’m almost fifteen years old, practically grown up, and I know better now than I did when I was a kid. Besides, she hates it more than anyone, you know? I love my mom…

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