My Next Challenge???

Check these pictures out.

What do you see?

Hmm.. I THINK if you click the image, it gets bigger. Or maybe just lean in close.


Also, some of the pictures below will be utilized with some of those above covers (bear with me):


Got any clue?


I’m not doing a very good job of explaining this, am I?

Imagine the different covers with the different images. Some cropped, some flipped… any help?


Okay, this is kinda going of in the wrong direction.

Here’s the challenge:


My book Double Blind – the one that’s in that big 25-book anthology with all the New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors – reverts back to me on February 28th.

One of the really cool and super helpful authors in that anthology, who has made the New York Times bestseller list FOUR times, said the book ought to kick off a series and to release a new book in the series – ready for this? – every six weeks.

It’s my opinion if a FOUR TIME New York Times Bestselling Author gives you book writing advice, you should take it.

Release a book every six weeks? That means you basically have to have the next books in the series written before you launch the series, unless you can write a whole book in six weeks.


To write TWO more Sergio-Carly murder mysteries between now and February 28th.

That’s almost five months. I should be able to do that, right? And if it goes well, I should be able to write another one in the six weeks after that. (That’s how long it took to write the first one, Double Blind.)

What do you think? Can I do it? Could you?

Will you be cheering me on?

The clock starts today. I’ve been kicking around ideas for the next story; I guess I’ll jot them down and make an outline and get started.

Wish me luck!



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18 thoughts on “My Next Challenge???

  1. you can do it – people write 50k during NaNo, sometimes without even knowing where the story is headed, so you’re ahead of the starter’s gun if you do know …
    2k a day = 60k a month – how long are your books? 75k? that’s five weeks, and one week for the editing – but I’d leave that until you’ve written the two, then come back to one and edit, etc.
    It can be done. If you have a direction
    It just means that inspiration kicks in at the same time each day and doesn’t end until at least that 2k is done and dusted, right? Discipline. Determination. Dedication.

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    1. That’s the thing. The challenge is to do the books and still do all the other stuff that I do.

      So I’m still gonna be working with the gradeschool kids in my young authors club, still blogging, still doing editing and private critique group and all the other stuff – and writing two more books.

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  2. Best of luck to you. I know you will kill it. I like challenges and I bet I could make a good stab at it. 😊 But then, I have never published anything, yet, and I a working out from under a major event. You know, I just might try a scaled-back version. I am thinking…

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