Buy Jenifer’s Book (PLEASE)

Gang, you are gonna LOVE The Intern by Jenifer Ruff.

The Intern: A Dark Thriller (Brooke Walton Book 3) by [Ruff, Jenifer]
awesome book alert
Jenifer is a friend of the blog, and she is part of our horror anthology, a celebrity judge in our writing contests… but more than that, THIS psychological thriller is her best book yet – and she’s had quite a few good books.

Here’s the deal:

Today the book is 99 cents.

That’s your special price before it goes to $2.99 or whatever.


and then


This is not a lot to ask. Jenifer does a lot for me and for the blog, and her books are really good. Plus, FOR REASONS THAT WILL GO UNSTATED, THIS IS DEFINITELY HER BEST BOOK EVER.

(Maybe it had something to do with the person who edited it; I’m not saying.)

Get your copy of The Intern TODAY! you’ll be glad you did!

(Technically, it’s part of a series, but it works completely as a stand alone.)

Two young American tourists are brutally murdered in Cancun. A private investigator in Connecticut is desperate to uncover the truth about a missing coed. At the heart of both matters is Brooke Walton, a young medical student. When her summer internship in a Medical Examiner’s Office exposes a disturbing mystery and her ruthless brilliance, authorities take a closer look. Can Brooke save her own beautiful skin with someone watching her every move? Will one more murder solve her urgent problems, or dig her an even deeper grave?

And post below to let Jenifer know. Release day is a stressful time.


C’mon. You have a dollar. Get Jenifer’s book and leave a review.




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