Growing a Thicker Skin: Separating Self from Product

Allison Maruska

I follow several comics on Facebook and Twitter. One of those is Sarah’s Scribbles, which features the work of Sarah Andersen.


You’ve likely seen her comics floating around, as she has a great sense of humor and is wildly popular. Recently, she shared a comic that I’m pretty sure was created just for me, despite the fact that she hasn’t actually “met me.”


I think it’s a topic that speaks to most creatives, right down to the fire.

Around the time I found this comic, I completed an interview for a favorite blogger on the topic of wellness and writing (be on the lookout for that). Her first question was this: What has been the biggest emotional challenge of being a writer/artist?

In the interest of the interviewing blogger, I won’t spill my entire answer. But I will say the difficulty in separating who we are from what we create…

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