Publisher Agrees To Sponsor Next Contest!

Darkwater 1This is very exciting news.

Darkwater Syndicate publishing group, a Florida based publisher, has agreed to sponsor our next Word Weaver Writing Contest, “Space Island.”

Darkwater was the first place sponsor for our prior contest, and the winner just sent her novel over to them. It’s an exciting time.

Space Island will be happening very soon. There will be a big announcement (this is not it) and then the games will begin, so get ready. We are thrilled to have Darkwater on board as the first place sponsor.


Here’s the story I’m working on for the anthology that will come out of the contest:

Space Island.

In order to achieve the new U. S. President’s ambitious challenge of sending astronauts to Mars and returning them safely, NASA creates several docking stations along the route. Similar to the International Space Station, but much larger, these “space islands” are stocked with booster rockets and other supplies, and are inhabited by employees selected from nearly every country on earth. Rocket maintenance crews and other support teams sign up for a two-year term to perform any mission-critical functions that may occur during the hazardous journey. But since long-term space travel creates crew fatigue and physical side effects, recreation elements were introduced as well.

Somebody has to run the bar on Space Island and somebody has to clean the toilets in the gym. Somebody has to manage the hotel.

But when the first murder in outer space happens, somebody has to investigate – without creating an international incident and getting the fledgling Mars program shut down before it begins.

The contest stories will involve space in some way, whether through romance or fantasy or action adventure, – or in my case, murder.

Get the wheels turning and get ready for the official announcement of the next Word Weaver Writing Contest: Space Island

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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