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I saw a blog post recently that was like a light bulb going off over my head.

It noted there are many websites about helping you market your book to get big sales numbers through a mailing list and Facebook groups you can join, etc., all talking about how much they’re selling – and asking for a nice big fee from you to show you how to do it – but very few of them ever mention anything about the quality of the stories!

Like you, I’ve looked into certain folks who are known for selling lots of books (and if you buy their course they’ll tell you how, too).

What about writing quality stories? It’s rarely mentioned there.

Then I said, “What about the sites that are devoted to writing?” They’re almost exclusively about craft – and they may never sell a book. Most are very helpful for getting the quality down, but not much help when it comes to selling.

Seems like those two should have more in common, doesn’t it?

Was there no place that would help a writer create the best story possible, and then help market that story so the world can enjoy your masterpiece? (There are a few sites that do both, but my point in bringing this to your attention is not to have you mention your favorite sites that you think help you, but to point out that this should be one!)

Well that’s what I’ve always tried to do here, and we are really hitting our stride with these contests and anthologies. Together we walk through the steps as a team, and the proof is in the number of successful contest winners who go on to publish their book.

We are on the cusp of really breaking out. I’m excited, and you should be, too.

I don’t have all the answers, and what worked for me five years ago isn’t what works today – or what will work five years from now. It’s an ever-changing market, but I am constantly networking with people about such things, and this site is really going to move forward.

Quality writing combined with quality marketing. I don’t know if it gets any better than that.

It’s what we do here, and you are a big part – because you are on the team.

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9 thoughts on “Fallacy of Writing

  1. I checked into one of these that gave you free advice, but only so much. You had to buy their book/course to learn more. I hate this! We need to work together because, after all, we all want to make money, and if sharing something you learned to help a fellow author that would be wonderful. @v@ <3

    1. I don’t have any problem with somebody saying I need to pay for their course. My problem is when they are better marketers than they are writers. It’s kind of like going to a really fancy steak restaurant and being served a McDonald’s cheeseburger. They are great at marketing and lousy at writing but it’s working for them. It just feels cheap somehow.

  2. Agreed. Too many of those sites overlook the fact that if your writing is weak that is going to translate to your sales numbers. A compelling story coupled with good marketing is the one two punch.

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