Friday FUN Time!

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Post your answer in the comments section below – and have fun this weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. Even if we’re only going round the corner to visit friends for a cup of tea I take my handbag with phone, notebook and purse just in case our little road has gone into Lockdown by the time we get back – gas leak, maniac on the loose or plane crash. You never know what might happen – you need money to go and eat or even stay the night, phone so you can tell everyone on Facebook about the drama and notebook so you can carry on writing.

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  2. my imagination. smiles. And a cell phone helps.
    On the previous commentary, I did once wake up and go out on my front porch to drink coffee and smoke a cigarette (I know, I quit), only to find my entire street in lock in down while cadaver dogs searched the neighborhood.
    And at the same house, I once came home to find my whole street in lock down because some idiot hand barricaded himself and his girlfriend in the house across the street.
    I flirted with the cop that time and he let me in.

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  3. Bullet journal, ideas notebook, leatherman multitool, torch, passport, pens (4 fountain 4 ballpoint), sparky tape,field notes waterproof notebook, purse, phone, business cards, pocket knife, plasters, ibruprophen, paracetamol, hand cream, lip balm, spare shoelaces, workout log book, glasses, sunglasses, reusable cup, tweezers…

    I think I have worked out why my shoulder is often sore…

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