Friday FUN Time!

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Post your answer in the comments section below – and have fun this weekend!

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26 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. This is actually a really hard question for me. I see two kinds of movies these days: kid movies and sorry but Secret life of Pets sucked, or going out with the girls movies, again Baywatch sucked.
    I have a ton of movies in my netflix queue that I think might be awesome but I’m too tired by the time I get everything done to watch them. LOL.
    So the best thing I’ve seen in 18 months might be…Zootopia. LOL

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    1. Hmm.

      I’m that way. A lot of the movies for kids are just awful (and so are the ones for adults), so I am very picky about what I go out to see because on cable six months later I can just turn it off after five minutes and not feel like I spent 50 bucks

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      1. I go for the kiddo – Jurassic World 2, whee. Or with the girls, what will be funny after a drink? It rarely is. LOL
        I rarely go to the movies for me, if you know what I mean. I think it’s just mom-itis. I remember going to the movies because I was excited to see something, long ago in a galaxy without child. LOL

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  2. I just watched Ready Player One the other night and it was good. It was really kind of different. I don’t know if I can say a movie stood out to me in the last 18 months. I just finished reading The Darkest Minds, and hope to see the movie tomorrow, so I’ll let you know. Ok, I changed my mind. I just thought of it when I was typing. I loved I Can Only Imagine. That movie was really awesome. If you haven’t seen it, you have to.

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  3. There are some great movies, but the latest one I agree on isThree Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. Great acting. We are still old-fashioned with technology. We still get the Netflix disc for our Saturday Night at the Movies.

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