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30 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

    1. My mom got me to eat broccoli by serving it with cheese sauce (thank you, Stouffer’s frozen microwavable individual servings!) From there, I learned to eat it with slightly less sauce, and then with just butter and salt, at which time it seemed basically all green vegetables smelled awful but tasted about the same.

      Green beans were like watered down broccoli. Asparagus was tough, stringy broccoli.

      Enter spinach.

      I believe my first encounter with the green menace was at an Italian restaurant where it was served with so much garlic I had no idea it wasn’t a gift directly from the gods themselves. Possibly it was served in a cheese laden spinach and artichoke dip at a party. One can never be sure when there’s alcohol involved.

      But it was so obscured by the companions in the dish, I wolfed it down – and then like the broccoli situation, I discovered it was edible with slightly less cheese or slightly less garlic. It actually worked okay in salads instead of lettuce if you put enough dressing on it.

      And people found me to be nearly superhuman for eating it that way.

      Then came spinach souffle.

      I won’t lie, I only plucked it out of the frozen section of the grocery because it was on sale and they were out of Stouffer’s frozen microwavable individual servings of broccoli and cheese sauce. But something about the word souffle made me think the French had worked in it, and thus far they hadn’t let me down. French vanilla ice cream. French onion dip. Worth a shot.

      It was eggs and cheese with some spinach in there somewhere. Totally tolerable.

      And the barrier was broken. From then on I was a spinach fan – if there was enough garlic sauce on it.


  1. liver and onions and I still do.
    We had it every Friday growing up. I used to try to go spend the night with a friend to avoid it and then if I couldn’t do that – I would purposely get into trouble and sent to my room without dinner.

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    1. That is a new level of dislike, when you try to spend the night at a friends house just to avoid what your family is serving for dinner!

      Liver looks disgusting, I don’t care what you say. And onions have always had a special place in my heart, but on the part of my heart that doesn’t like them.

      My grandmother raved about how good that dish was and I could never understand it. It was slimy looking and the onions smelled terrible

      One day in high school, a guy I worked with went across the street to Kentucky fried chicken and brought back breaded fried livers and chicken gravy.

      He would dunk the livers in the gravy and wolf them down. That stuff smelled so good and the way he was eating it me looks so good, I had to give it a try.

      It wasn’t at all like the slimy stuff my grandma was pulling out of the refrigerator. This was awesome.

      Not for everyone’s pallet, I understand that, but I found out that night that if you put gravy and breadng and fry something, you can get it down. More than that, I actually made it a few times and occasionally would order it! That’s my dirty little secret. Don’t tell anybody.

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  2. I must be special, or maybe I am weird. I love my veggies, always have. There are two exceptions. Top of the list is Okra. No matter how it is prepared it is inedible. Yuck! Same goes for grits. I can’t stomach even a teaspoon of the stuff. Are grits a real veggie? And I won’t touch celery as it tastes like eating a tin can.

    Bell peppers and raw tomatoes I will pick out of any salad. Cook the tomatoes into a nice sauce with a few spices, a little pasta. That is a different story. Any other veggie is on my plate. Peas, broccoli, cauliflower, lima beans, spinach, liver and onions (please don’t forget to add the bacon), asparagus and even artichoke are on the yes please list.

    I am so special I would even trade my nasty brown school lunch pudding for the other kid’s spinach. I know – weird.

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