The SPRINT winners will be announced SUNDAY – and I need your input for something else

The SPRINT winners will be announced SUNDAY. Woo hoo!

Word Weaver SPRINT 1

This was  good group, and although it was smaller than what we get for a regular Word Weaver writing contest, you’ll like the stories.

And you’ll see them Sunday.

Now, I need your input.

IMG_2111The next scheduled Word Weaver writing contest is scheduled for July, and it will be stuff we want to put into a scary anthology again, The Box Under The Bed 2 or the second in a TBUTB series.

Scary, eerie, ghost stories, macabre, seance – anything along those lines. That’s July, and that hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s not a secret. That will be a collection of bestselling authors, new authors, never before published authors, etc., and it did really well last year.

I want to create the “relationships anthology” this summer. It’s overdue but what can I say, even I get backlogged sometimes. But it’ll happen. If you’re interested in that, contact me.

Hidden Gems book cover idea 2
tentative relationships anthology cover

And I wanna do the Space Island contest and an anthology for it. Maybe that will be our Word Weaver contest in the Fall, or maybe I’ll just take stories, I don’t know. Give me your thoughts on that. I have a few stories already, so we’ll see. It might be nice to do an annual scary anthology, and annual space anthology – you know? Build an audience for these?

Anthologies are a way to get your name out there, whether you are published yet or not.

Another listing on Ammy.

Another way to be discovered by readers.

It’s also sheltered by ME, doing the critique to get your story into shape for the world to see, and running it by a few counterparts, so you are not going to be embarrassed, you’ll do just fine.

But all that aside, what would you like to see as a Fall contest?

Voodoo, the cover and title of TBUTB 2, potentially

Do you want me to pick a topic or do you wanna suggest stuff?

I know we grow our writerly muscles when we step outside our comfort zone, so I’m open to suggestions.

Meanwhile, get ready to read some good stuff Sunday, and get ready to write some good stuff for the upcoming contests!

Don’t forget Space Island – lots of opportunities to get published this year!



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8 thoughts on “The SPRINT winners will be announced SUNDAY – and I need your input for something else

  1. Wry energizing to read about all the plans and ideas! Have you ever thought of creating an online magazine? I’d enjoy a magazine edited by you with writing tips, critiques, short stories, poems, publishing and marketing info- the whole book biz. Thanks for all the writing and read opportunities that your anthologies give us!

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