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I worked with an older guy who once clipped his fingernails after lunch. We shared a work space, like a table, so nail fragments were going everywhere. I told him to stop or do it in the restroom or something but not on our work space. He was surprised. I swear he was gonna take his shoes and socks off next and start in on his toes.


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15 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. I have not worked in a cubicle situation, but I did once work with a lady who refused to acknowledge the land of internet. She walked around all day asking random how’s and why’s and was satisfied to not know the answer. It took me several years, but by the time I left that job, she had learned how to use Google.

  2. My worst co-worker issues all happened when I was expecting our first baby. A couple of people would share the most AWFUL stories about pregnancies gone wrong- things I wouldn’t tell anyone, much less someone expecting the first time :p

  3. Never worked in a cubicle, but I shared a desk at school with a girl who would yell, ‘no, no, no, you are doing it wrong’ every time I got an answer wrong on my test and try to ERASE it for me.

  4. Hi Dan,
    I worked for the county government and we had cubicles. Since I was a manager, my cubicle had a door for privacy when talking to staff. One of my clerks talked to herself and then I had another that passed gas. OH MY! The one that farted, I had to get HR involved. No way good I talk to her. 🤢

    1. Its like, they complained to me, I was his manager, so I had to talk to him. I went to my boss, who also said I had to talk to him.

      So I’m dreading this. Bathroom habits. With a grown man.

      Is he gonna be embarrassed? Will he complain to HR about me? Will he quit? What if he denies it?

      I call him in. “The bookkeepers say you use the bathroom and splatter on the floor…”

      I have prostrate problems! I have a big belly! I can’t see it!

      Oh god. Okay, how about checking the floor after? And maybe not using the ladies room? But if there’s a little mess – a puddle, splatter, whatever – grab some toilet paper and clean it up. Okay?

      He thanked me. He apologized and said it had to be a difficult conversation.

      Boy was he right.

        1. I mean, when your excuse for splattering on the floor is: my belly is so big I didn’t know I did it…

          I don’t know, there are lots more fun things to talk about at work than that.

          the good news was, he was much more embarrassed about it than I was, and it was a good learning experience. As much as I was dreading the conversation, the awful anticipation was worse than the conversation. once we actually started talking. he was the one who was embarrassed and not me. So I learned something. Probably the anticipation is worse than the actual thing, So try not to fear it so much during the anticipation stage.

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