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When I was a kid, the a closet in the bedroom I shared with my younger brother always seemed to cast weird shadows. That scared me ALL the time. I was convinced there was some kind of thing in there. Not a monster, really, but… something. One day I may have to write about that.

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33 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. We got our first television when I was four years old. It sat on a cabinet with double doors and I was sure the people on the screen lived inside the cabinet. I never dared open the doors or even go too near!

      1. I haven’t yet, but I think I should. I do wonder what goes through the minds of babies and toddlers, what is normal for us is still new to them and they look round the back of the lap top when they’re seeing familiar faces on Facetime!

  2. Oh, I had no doubt that ghosts visited me at night. Note: not just one, but several, depending on the night. Most times, they didn’t scare me, but they did wake me up! :-0

  3. I still am afraid of the dark. The fact that I cannot see is what scares me and my imagination had/has something in the dark waiting to pounce on me. I don’t know why I never grew out of it and my husband makes sure the night lights in the house are always working! lol @v@ <3

    1. When we were building our house, I wanted to make sure they were flood lights on all the corners so our kids could play outside late. Our builder looked at the plans and said, somebody’s afraid of the dark…

  4. Someone gave me a gigantic stuffed panda. I could lay my entire body on it when I was little. And then I had a nightmare it was trying to kill me with a phaser. When I woke up on top of it… yeah. I was more than a little scared.

    1. Gawd. That reminds me…

      We were at a garage sale and there was a giant stuffed crawfish. This thing was like 4 feet tall and bright red. But we’d just gotten back from New Orleans so I thought it was awesome. I think I bought it for a dollar.

      I put it my kid’s room and she thought the devil was in the corner with his arms up ready to attack her. She couldn’t have it in the house! I think it sat in our garage for a month or two and then finally went in the garbage. I replaced it with a giant teddy bear that was about 4 feet tall. That had to sit downstairs for a month until she realized it was not going to come over and kill her in the middle of the night. (Now it’s in her room, finally.)

  5. when I was little, we lived in this old house that had a semi circular cut out and shelf in the hall wall for a phone. And we had an old rotary phone there.
    It was right outside my bedroom door.
    When I would wake up in the middle of the night, it always looked like a man standing there in the hallway, a short man, but still….

  6. We had a small kitchen just off the living room area, it didn’t have a door. Narrow, with a big old-fashioned ceramic sink at its centre. Underneath was a black space where a bucket lived. I believed there was a bad witch who lived in the red bucket and when Adeline would tell me to wash my hands…….I was done in three seconds flat and running out of the kitchen.

    1. A black space where a bucket lived. That’s funny.

      I remember having to go downstairs to get stuff out of the fridge for my mom for dinner in winter – it would be dark out, so the basement was scary. I turned on every light on the way down and ran the hell out afterwards!

  7. We had a huge, multi-room unfinished basement. I was pretty sure that the devil lived behind the furnace in the corner. Or at least visited. And if not him, the spiders, and the memory of my brother reaching through the slats on the stairs to grab my feet on the way down kept me OUT of there as much as possible. Unfortunately, the freezer with the ice cream was also down there. Fear vs. Ice Cream.

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