Word Weaver Writing Contest Update

NOW the stories go over to the judges.

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed

Which will they decree as best? Which will receive the eternal glow of being the best story they read?

It could be yours.

And while I have you here, what about a contest in July centered around dark stuff, like…

  • scary things and

  • macabre things and

  • eerie stuff and

  • ethereal stuff.

What about ghosts and seances and swampy santoria priestesses?

What about something like THIS as a cover and “VOODOO and other dark stories” as the title, or NIGHTMARELAND, with some sort of The Box Under The Bed Volume 2 attached to it?

(I got these for my Young Authors Club, but I liked them too much to let the kids have them. I keep coming back to that Voodoo one. It’s eye catching.)


Maybe we can come up with some name they can both go under, like The Nightmareland Series, and then use it for all the other spooky stuff we do from now on, possibly becoming a summer scare fest with an annual October published book?

Because all sorts of stuff can cause nightmares…

this image is just freaky

Lots to think about and comment on, so PLEASE give me your thoughts!

Meanwhile, cross your fingers and let’s get our celebrity judges to reading!



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