What You Say Matters

Can you believe this crazy ass motherfucker???
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J.R.R. Tolkien and the Total Depravity of All People Named Dan

The way you choose to use your words is extremely, utterly, AWESOMELY important. Like, NUTSO important. Just basically the most important thing in life. Have you ever said something that made a lot of people laugh and one person cry? Looking back, you probably realized you said something that was hurtful to me and you should’ve used better discernment with the words you spoke instead of being a complete jerk about it. *cough cough my former friend Dan*

I’ll be the second or third person to admit it (after Dan admits it), I’ve done that many times. The thing is, sometimes your words are simply a reflection of your thoughts. Or your dreams. Maybe even your daydreams. Often what comes from your mouth is really coming straight from your feet, or your kidneys, or your stomach, or your evil little heart., Danny boy.

Today, I want to look at…

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5 thoughts on “What You Say Matters

  1. Take this up with WP Dan.
    I’ve made my feelings known on the post, in an oblique way, just to make them think.
    If they want to come looking for me, I’ll be waiting.

    You keep on keeping on with your work man,
    Keep on being Dan.
    Best wishes

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