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There was a Jude Law movie (or maybe it was Ethan Hawke, I don’t remember) where he had his legs intentionally broken to make himself taller to take the place of someone else. He explained it away to the powers that be as the scars on his legs were the exact height of a certain make and model of car, indicating that he had gotten run over. In fact he underwent surgery to cut his leg bones and stretch them over a period of like two years so he could be the height of his target. He had to relearn to walk and everything.

In a James Bond movie, one of the bad guy agents underwent plastic surgery to look like a military captain or pilot of a special aircraft so he could pass himself off as the target and steal the plane or the secret documents or whatever.

I envision a story where somebody has to pass himself off as his target, so he spends two years undergoing surgery to stretch his legs and midway through a series of plastic surgeries, he is watching TV and finds out the target choked to death on a bagel that morning.

He stares at the TV screen and then sits down.

“Aw, fuck.”

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