Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

What kind of family traditions will you be celebrating today?

At my house, we’ll have an egg hunt this morning with my daughter and her younger cousin, observed by the parents and grandparents, then brunch.

Mmm… brunch. Eggs and bacon and more bacon and other stuff and more bacon.

Usually we have dinner at grandmas. (Less bacon there, sadly.)

It’s a casual affair, but I have to admit to a good volume of stress as I try to place 50 eggs without being seen by my daughter. (It’s Florida – can’t put them out early or the candy will melt in the heat or get ants.) So far so good. Will my luck hold up?

What about you?

What are YOUR Easter traditions?

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4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. When we lived in Cali, we always went one friend’s house. She has four kids. Egg hunt, amazing brunch, long friendly chats, then home for a nap (the kiddo was still a napper back then.) Here? No traditions. Today I am continuing to edit crutch words in one of my current WIPs and renovate my downstairs half bath.

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  2. We have lunch after church, then my husband will hide a few for the kids – even though they range in age from 13-20, they still like hunting eggs – mainly cause there’s money and candy in them. Then we have the ‘adult’ egg hunt which everyone participates in now since the kids are all older. We have a golden egg and two silvers. Man you should see folks go after those eggs! Especially when it gets down the last one and my husband, the hider, says things like “oh, Genell is getting warmer” then everyone races over to be the one to find it. Great times! then we all sit around and visit till folks start getting sleepy. Then around supper time, they come back and we eat off paper plates and they take whatever left overs they want. I love those times with family.


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