17 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. The one thing my kid did asked me from time to time is that how come and why, and when did it started that I became a writer. They asked me one thing that made me think that if I write because I love it and that it is really part of me or am I the same as the others who may think of fame and for money? I love that they asked me of this and kids can daunting with what they ask and their logical thinking make me as a parent wonder of the many things they have in mind or felt.

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  2. I am old and my daughter, who was 32 at the time, wanted to know about all the different typewriters I used. She thought it was amazing that I used them from manual all the way to a laptop. Dang, I really feel old! lol @v@ ❤

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  3. I sometimes worry about the influence and the images I impressed on my three kids, they kept asking me political or historical questions. Then my eldest grandson started doing it…he’s now at University….studying History….and I can start asking him.
    (It’s no joke when two under tens come galloping down stairs and say ‘Grandpa? How did the Crimea War start? Mum told us to ask you!’)

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