What you thought – is correct

My daughter discovered this book series yesterday. Read her first book cover to cover in the afternoon.

Troy Cummings

They’re easy to read, so that’s not a big deal – but this next item is.

I checked out how a guy like this ends up with a series at Barnes & Noble, published traditionally and available everywhere – because we would all like that kind of exposure.

On his Random House FAQ, he said this (emphasis added by me):

Q: Do you think that really what it all boils down to is that you just have to keep at it?  In other words, once you stop writing, then it’s really hard to start again? And that the same goes for drawing?  Or even playing the saxophone?  Oh, and also that the more you create, the easier it is to create the next thing, be it writing a story or drawing a picture or sculpting a national park out of mashed potatoes or anything, really?

A: Yes.


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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

9 thoughts on “What you thought – is correct

    1. Harry Potter is definitely successful but that’s not necessarily what every kids story should be, nor what every author ought to write. It’s a lot of fun but so is Captain underpants and so is this series. Write what’s in your heart. If a kids story is what you want to write, write it!

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      1. I will definitely want to try this and I will ask my children’s opinion as well.
        The thing is, I noticed that kids has extraordinary imagination and when one speaks to them about their fantasy world it does gives you a big smile because then I realized how much I forgotten that I was ONCE like them with loads of fairies and unicorns in my head …. that was so, so long time ago …

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  1. Well done to your daughter for reading her first book and well done to you for a home where she wants to read.
    And also, yep! Keep on keeping on does it every time.

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      1. My enthusiasm got the better of me Dan, I meant to say reading her first book cover to cover. When a child makes that step the world is a little better.


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