Give Yourself A Pat On The Back!

people-2607201_1280We work hard at this writing stuff. We deserve a pat on the back once in while.

And who else is gonna understand anyway? Except other writer types?

The biggest things writers lack is confidence, and that starts by acknowledging that what we did is worth some praise.

Big or small, let’s talk about them all – and build that confidence we all need.

Applaud YOUR writing accomplishments for the week here.

Or praise another author friend who did something worth noting.


Imagine if you saw 10 other people telling you your accomplishment was noteworthy. What difference could that make in your writing the next week?

Let’s find out.

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9 thoughts on “Give Yourself A Pat On The Back!

  1. In reverse chronological order:

    By the end of the weekend, I will have finished the first chapter of my first novel and begun the second.

    Today, the end is in sight.

    Yesterday, I wrote 1,135 words towards this milestone.

    On Monday, I set myself ambitious but achievable writing goals for the year ahead, completely revised and shortened my outlines (leaving far more freedom for the writing process) and dedicated time every day to writing (to which I have kept). Being on half term has helped recruit extra time to making this so (cue Picard meme).

    Last week, I was floundering at 2,500 words with a first chapter that hadn’t been going anywhere fast for four months.


    I’d pat myself on the back, but yesterday was Back Day at the gym so it’s still far too tender 😉

  2. I’m just keeping on keeping on at present.
    So I want to say
    ‘Well done to all of you who don’t give up and strive away. Thank you to everyone who shares their advice and thoughts on writing. The more folk write, the healthier the art becomes’

  3. HUGE accomplishment (for me):

    Got into Spooky Empire (horror convention) on the Creator Track for October! If I could excitedly gush blood, I would lol

    1. Well that’s pretty cool! We are probably going to have another horror anthology that we would release in October so maybe we can use some of your expertise for that. Our last one did pretty good!

      1. It’s a big thing in the horror community, which I never really considered my new release to be, but I’m totally embracing it! (It’s also in Orlando, wink wink)

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