Super Bowl and my thoughts

Since my team isn’t in the Super Bowl this year, I might have a different approach than most as far as what I want to do when watching it.

I don’t have to watch it, of course. But I will.

As a storyteller I’m going to look for: what’s a good story?

As in, if the team that has already won a bunch of Super Bowls wins another one, that’s not that great of a story.

If the team that never won one can defeat Goliath and win their first, that’s a better story.

Better, but not necessarily good. Anybody that wins or loses a game in a blowout, it starts to not be so exciting.

Now, if the Eagles are defeating the defending champion 50 to nothing, that starts to be a story again – but that’s not very likely to happen.

In fact, according to whatever TV announcer I just was listening to, all of the patriots’ Super Bowl appearances have been decided by four points or less, win or lose. That means they tend play a tight game. Not blowouts.

So assuming it’s not a blowout, what makes for a better story?

The patriots losing is better story, more interesting, probably bigger drama, than the patriots winning.

What would make it more dramatic than that? (Which, by a writers definition l, would be more tension and more suspense?)

Probably a game that goes into overtime. Probably/maybe the patriots being ahead by 14 and then giving up the lead and the Eagles being ahead by 14, and then trades the lead back and forth a few times – and comes down to the last second to decide the outcome.

So if the lead changes a bunch, we tend to call that a close game and probably a good game.

Again this is speaking if you’re not a fan of either team, because if you are, you only consider a good game if your team starts out with the leads, keeps the lead, and wins.

So then what do I want?

I want lots of exciting scoring and a few miraculous plays and a down to the wire finish with the Eagles winning.

So, go Eagles!

What about you?

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10 thoughts on “Super Bowl and my thoughts

  1. I would be pleased if the Eagles win, as I often root for the underdog. However, I will settle for a game in which nobody gets hurt, which reduces the tension and makes for less of a story.

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  2. It was a fabulous game and although I’ve always loved the Pats I was rooting for Phili who had a fabulous season and made the playoffs and took the bowl with a 2nd stringer quarterback. What a story that was! Great game til the bitter end. That’s a good football game! Yes, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m a hugeeeee NFL fan! Maybe next year my Saints will play a little more consistent. 🙂

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