A Gift that keeps giving

We were putting away Christmas ornaments yesterday.

I saw a very old one…

In 1982 my grandfather made me a little tiny sled out of popsicle sticks as a tree ornament. It’s a cute little thing and just about every year it adorns our Christmas tree.

I was explaining to my daughter how old it is. She’s seven so it’s kind of need to see things that are “old.”

But I realized how a cool gift it really was.

Every year I think fondly of my grandfather when I see it. He gave me a lot when he gave me that ornament. I’m glad I kept it.

I hope I give a gift that nice one day.

What keepsakes adorned your holidays?

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6 thoughts on “A Gift that keeps giving

  1. That is so cool! We have the ornaments from our family Christmas trees, some of them dating back 60 years… So, we think of our dearly departed mother whenever we hang them. Of course these are mixed in with a healthy dose of current decorations, such as my sister’s hand made, Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo!

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    1. Exactly. I shed more than one tear putting away ornaments that my mother gave me.

      Having stuff from a great grandmother or great-grandmother and all that, that would just be amazing but I don’t think you appreciate it when you’re young (when you would receive those things)! I think it’s only later when I had a kid that I started to really value that stuff.

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