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A great story deserves a great follow up profile.

This week we’re putting a spotlight on all our contest winners.

Tekoa Manning is a prolific writer with a passion for the brokenhearted and a desire to awaken readers to the Truth. Her non-fiction and fiction books address and answer controversial topics, while her blog, devotional and websites uplift and encourage.

Manning’s fictional works Polishing Jade and Walter the Homeless Man are inspirational faith-based books that touch on women’s issues, integrity, forgiveness, and redemption. Tekoa brings characters to life that soon feel more like family members.

Her non-fiction tackles topics that have divided believers for centuries, including heaven and hell, spirits, Satan, salvation and the feast days. Her popular three-part series Doctrines of Demons specifically unravels the traditions of man from the truths of God.

A graduate of Jefferson College, Manning began writing when a neurological illness left her disabled and eventually homeless. It was during this time, she devoured the Bible and gained a desire to share spiritual truths.

As a former prayer director and counselor, Manning remains a passionate minister to those in need and also hosts Obadiah’s Cave, where she uses her gift of dream interpretation to help others.

The mother of three amazing sons and the wife of a retired police chief, Manning and her husband reside in Kentucky.

Here’s my chat with Special Honorable Mention Winner Tekoa Manning for her story Paisley’s Plight.



  1. DAN: Did you write your story for the contest or was it part of a larger piece or something you had written before?

author Tekoa Manning

Tekoa Manning: I wrote the story for the contest at the last minute. I normally just start writing and never know where my characters will end up. This works well for novel length but with a short story, it can leave me with loose ends.


  1. Tell us about your writing process. What is the journey from idea to published piece /completed story?

My writing process is probably not the best. I usually have several works going at once and many different types of genres. I forget the characters and their voice and have to reread much before plunging in to something I’ve laid down too long. I also am an active blogger so that takes up plenty of my time.


  1. Where do you do your writing?

I mostly write in bed. A habit I’m not happy about but when I became sick with several autoimmune disorders, it just became a habit.  My ultra-thin laptop usually rest atop my mid-section and I prop pillows up behind me. A nice cup of coffee on the end table and Facebook breaks in-between.


  1. Do you have a writing goal you want to achieve?

I have several goals but at times my health has prevented it. I want to create a series out of my two published fiction works, Polishing Jade and Walter the Homeless Man. Using a gemstone name such as Jade’s. I hope to do something with Ruby and Emerald. I’ve started a sequel to Walter the Homeless Man entitled Elmer the Rich Man and hope to follow that up with Titus the Last Man. I’m also looking to add some children’s books to my works since I recently was blessed with a new grandson, my first.


  1. What helps you the most when it comes to writing?

I get creative ideas in spurts. I do my best writing after everyone’s asleep and the house is quiet.


  1. What does writing success look like?

Weighing my writing success for me is about the fans. When I receive cards or emails from those who were inspired or changed by one of my books, it’s encouraging. Many women who have suffered abuse have reached out to tell me Polishing Jade helped them heal or they made peace with their abuser. That’s always the golden ticket for me.


  1. What are you working on now?

Right now I am finishing up a biblical teaching book, Part #3 of a series entitled Doctrines of Demons. I’m also working on a YA novel for my great niece who has been begging me to place her in a book. I have a memoir that I’ve been musing over for a couple years. Each time I think it’s completed, I realize it isn’t.


  1. There are a lot of writing contest out there. What drew you to this one?

“I actually decided to start entering writing contest this year.

“I randomly typed in ‘writing contest’ on WordPress and out popped Dan Alatorre.”

– Tekoa Manning

I researched his books briefly and read a couple blogs. The contest perked my interest, so I thought what the heck? I added it to the other two and here I am.

I also plan on submitting some of my work to a few publishers.


  1. Have you ever entered a writing contest before?

The only writing contest I can remember entering was in my freshman year of college for women’s history month. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned I had won. I was a High School dropout and a late bloomer, who started college at the age of thirty.


  1. Will we see you again in our next Word Weaver Writing Contest?

I think it’s possible!

“This has been a pleasant experience, and I have enjoyed reading previous contest winners and runners-up.”

– Tekoa Manning

I’m also looking forward to reading some of Dan’s books.


  1. Did you know the piece you submitted was special?

I can’t say I thought my piece was special. I felt like the characters were interesting and the plot was good enough.


  1. What’s next for you?

What’s next? Hopefully a year of getting my name out there and some of my books into the hands of the right people. I’m feeling like a change is coming for me and my pen, and I like that.

Gang, join me in congratulating Tekoa for stepping out of her comfort zone and joining our contest, and for doing so well!

You can see what I enjoyed about her story – and I hope to see more writing from her soon!

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9 thoughts on “Word Weaver Special Honorable Mention Winner Tekoa Manning

  1. Thanks Dan for featuring Paisley’s Plight. It has been a fun contest with many amazing stories. Each writers voice unique with their own style. Best of luck to each and every writer here. May our words change lives.

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  2. Good stuff, Tekoa! I didn’t get to enter this one, but I’m on board for April. So I’m catching up on “stuff” from this one! Congratulations on your Special Honorable Mention story!!


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