Word Weaver Writing Contest UPDATE: All Done But ONE

your bleary-eyed host

I’ve spent this entire week reading and critiquing the stories, and let me tell you – we have some GOOD writers in this contest!

The vast majority of the stories were fun to read and easy to critique.

Which was a relief. I’ll admit that.

One writer who shall remain nameless, has allowed me to read several stories of his/hers and the one entered for THIS contest is far and away the best I’ve seen from him/her. Expect to be a finalist, unnamed writer!

A few people who entered a Word Weaver Writing Contest for the first time have REALLY done well. We have at least two finalists there. 

A couple of friends from the blog and newsletter are doing well… a few finalists there, too.


That means MANY stories are jockeying for the #1 top spot.

One could be YOURS.

(And for one of you, I guess it is yours.)

That’s what makes it fun. They’re all so good, it’s picking the best from a group of the best.

So ALL of the people who were the first 50 entries should have received the critique of their story by now. If you think you should have gotten one and didn’t, check your spam folder. I logged each entry as they came in and I’ll know if you were in the first 50 received. Mainly because I did a critique of your story if it was one of the first 50.

I’ll be emailing the contestants again tomorrow because it occurred to me, we had email issues a few days ago; maybe the critiques didn’t all get through to the recipients. I know some did, but I can’t say they all did. So I’ll shoot out a quick please RSVP email and that, plus this, should do it.

…except for one contestant.

One person in the first 50 who should have, has not yet received a critique from me for this contest. (On purpose.)

Because I am all done reading stories from contestants – except for one.

Tomorrow I do that person’s and then the celebrity judges swing into action to help determine the BIG GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

Who will it be?

Who are the finalists?

The finalists don’t know they are finalists – yet.

The suspense is palpable.

That’s good tension right there.

Another update will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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