It’s Alive! The Award-Winning “Ruby Slips and Poker Chips” is now a BOOK and is available TODAY!

Less than 4 months ago she won the

Word Weaver Writing Contest.

Today you can buy her book.

That’s what we do here.


I loved this book from the first words I read, and I didn’t wanna set it down. Fun, fast, and entertaining, you’ll love it, too.

Get your eBook or paperback copy HERE

And stay tuned for our exclusive interview with author Heather Kindt coming in just a few days.

ruby slips winner

On August 15, 2017, Heather Kind received what some would consider life-changing news: a story she had written years ago and tinkered with and polished… well, she entered it in a writing contest – and won.

Today, about 111 days later, the story she wasn’t sure about has now been published as a paperback and an ebook, and the reviews are coming in:

It’s a hit!

author Heather Kindt

Heck, I knew that all along.

In a few days we’ll be announcing the next set of Word Weaver winners. Will you be one of them?

Read all about Heather’s path to publication, her trials and challenges, and the new stories she has coming in 2018 – all coming later this week, right here on the blog.

And check out Ruby Slips. You’ll be glad you did.

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