Changes Coming For 2018

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Change can be awful.

I’ve been through some bad changes.

But we have to change with the times.

So what changes will I make in 2018?

Tell me what kind of stuff you’d want to see.

We’ll still do the contests a few times a year. I think that’s staying. It’s fun and it’s very rewarding to help new authors get discovered.

I’ll be doing more reader-targeted stuff on my newsletter and NOT repeating it here

so you won’t be seeing stuff twice. And I won’t automatically have my blog post on my Facebook author page, I think.

And there’ll be other stuff.

There’ll be fewer blog posts – one a week, probably – and more novel writing.

In 2017, I put out Poggibonsi, An Angel On Her Shoulder, The Zombunny, Stinky Toe… The Box Under The Bed… and who knows, maybe one more before the year is out.

But… I’m a fraud.

Because you might think I wrote all that in 2017. I didn’t.  2017 was supposed to be a year for learning marketing again, and then writing – because who needs 22 books if none of them are selling? Well, they sell now, but the market has changed and keeps changing – and I need to run to catch up.

So in 2018 I’ll be growing a newsletter like I did my blog.

It’ll be for readers, not writers.

My newsletter has just under 500 subscribers today. My goal is to grow my newsletter following to 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2018. What, did you just pick a big number at random? Nope. Dream big. I think it’s doable if I push hard.

My other goal is to clear my backlog and write and publish three new novels, possibly a new series, but definitely a sequel or two to some existing books like The Navigators.

I love you guys, and it might feel like I’m stepping back or saying goodbye, but I’m not. I’d miss everything too much for that.

  • My blog will get 60,000 views in calendar 2017. I’m very proud of that.

  • My three Word Weaver Writing Contests helped inspire people to publish their books. I’m super proud of that. They will be the cornerstone of the blog in 2018

  • Our anthology The Box Under The Bed was an amazing experience that taught me a lot, and I want more. Ideas abound.

  • I was a presenter at the 2017 Florida Writers Association. I’m extremely proud of that!

  • I was nominated and elected as a board member of FWA! How cool is that! So I’m proud of that, too.

  • and I made lots of new friends who I helped and who help me. I’m proud of that most of all.

So proud that I’ll be doing a some Top 10 lists for year end 2017 naming them.

But changes are coming.

I need to write.


My characters are speaking, and they need to be heard. Their stories need to be told.

I spent an hour in a rental car with my two sisters talking about the planned sequel for The Navigators and The Water Castle and Only Ever You and…

…and they were hanging on every word!


And I was like, I better get to writing this stuff.

So I will.

I might begin by posting chapters of the revised draft of TheWaterCastle to run alongside its original crappy 1st draft starting January 1, with the novel to be completed and published in an April-June 2018 window.

But look for other two new novels and a bunch of short stories, too, because






Can’t wait.

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27 thoughts on “Changes Coming For 2018

  1. To use your own favourite expression, it’s been a blast getting to know you in 2017, and I look forward to great things for both of us and the whole team in 2018 and beyond. One thing I definitely will be doing in summer 2018 is revisiting my old school to meet up with some of the fellows who left with me way back in 1958.

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  2. Excellent news l, happy writing Dan. By the way I just started reading The Box Under The Bed anthology. Great idea, love how you support authors. Will be reviewing it as part of my #ABRSC Christmas/New Year read and review. All the best for 2018. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Congratulations Dan, on your incredible 2017 achievements!
        In 2018, I also need < need to write.
        I walked into the hair salon on Friday and was greeted with happy screaming and hugs along with “We loved your book!”, “We read the same chapters and had book club every morning.”, “We felt totally hung over when we finished…what now?”, and my personal favorite… “We miss your characters!”.
        I almost cried 😁🤗😍 ! So, I need to finish my series prequel/ sequel of Monsters. Wouldn’t that be nice to have by next Halloween 👻.

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  3. Holy shit. I haven’t begun to think about 2018. I think my brain is still back in 1990. This is why you accomplish so much. Organizational and time management skills. 🙂 Good luck writing.

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  4. 2018 I plan to finish writing my first book series, book 1 is written, book 2 is in the works now so maybe that’s cheating, LOL. Or maybe I’m just super prepared.
    I know, I said I wouldn’t do it, nothing I wrote was lending itself to series set up but….
    My little fire drill earlier this month changed all that.
    And it is happening. When the three are completed, I plan to publish them back to back every 30 days, capitalizing on Amzon’s analytics and bringing me up to the mythical 5 book bar.

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  5. Great plan! Writing is what it’s all about, and now that you’ve worked on the blog to get more followers and increase your mailing list, it’s time to get down to business. I, on the other hand, have a plan to write more blog posts in the coming year, so I can get more readers because I’m far behind you. Every year I organize my time better, learn and accomplish more so I can inch one step closer to where I want to be. Growing the readership is the ultimate goal, and the longer we do this, the closer we get to that place where we might actually know what the heck we’re doing. 😉 Good luck!

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    1. The market keeps changing so having a blog five years ago might have been important but it might not be as important today. A mailing list might be important in 2017 but in 2019 it’s passé. My problem was, I started a series and then abandoned it, and I didn’t keep up with new ideas in marketing. That’s gonna cost me. So it’s time to reinvest in being smart again.

      Once upon a time I had a theory of not repeating myself with series, but the fact is I enjoy those characters so why would I not want to keep writing them!

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      1. Absolutely! As long as you have the readership for the series, keep it going. I’m in love with the characters from my series too, but since I need to grow my readership, there’s no point in continuing the series until there are more people to read the subsequent books. With that said, I’ll be writing other things in order to hopefully gain more readers before I continue. So again, we’re at opposite ends but share the same goal. 🙂

        As for the marketing, it does constantly change, but the mailing list is the thing to do at the moment. I guess the trick is to stay on top of the current trend, and that’s something you do quite well.

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  6. Excellent goals there, Dan, and knowing you, you’ll achieve them. Probably all by the end of January, so you’ll need another 11 lists for the rest of the year 😉 I share the view that the blog takes second place to the newsletter – for me it’s a matter now of finding the right tone, one that’s distinctive and at the same time authentic and engaging. But I think you already have that.

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