My own personal brag of the week

You never know how good you did until the reviews come in, right?

Well, today I got the survey scores for my presentations at the Florida writers conference.

Check. Me. Out.

There were a few haters but overall I kicked butt – as expected.

Still, we can always do better. So next year I intend to work on my professionalism. Not sure I can pull that off but what the heck. Ya gotta have goals.

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13 thoughts on “My own personal brag of the week

  1. For having been that guy, a product manager/specialist demo guy and artist relations manager, I say well done. Professionalism is being able to deliver what the crowd wants by adjusting your rhetorical position without sacrificing your content. They want a stiff in a tie or a tweedy pipe smoker, too bad. Sandra Dee once told Bobby Darin that people listen with their eyes, so make sure your backup visuals rock and you don’t read your PowerPoint with your back to them! Otherwise, you’re golden.

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  2. I can only imagine my students rating me like this. I have to be a little mean with this year’s class. With other classes I use my brilliant sarcasm. Usually works with ten-year-olds. Great job! Wish I could have been there, I have a lot to learn.

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