Happy Thanksgiving, all!

And if you’re not in the United States, happy Thanksgiving anyway but there’ll be a post for you in a moment.

Me, I will be getting my turkey on ASAP.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, all!

      1. Oh this is Britain, millions of people who should be doing better things will get all huffy because they think the word ‘Thanksgiving’ is so very American.

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          1. Nope. Some brits laugh at Americans using ‘thus far’, unaware who was using the term just a few centuries ago.
            It’s quite interesting how phrases followed British to America, died out here, then came back once cultural ties were re-established.
            Somebody could try I suppose but since Brexit a lot of people have gone very insular (apart from food…..That’s it…National Eat A Lot Day, that’s work)

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            1. Nobody could be against that!

              And then after you eat, you tell whoever fed you, “Thanks.”

              Later relatives get added and they’ll want a name for the occasion.

              Let’s call it, “Thanks for giving me food” or thanks for giving.

              That morphs into thanks forgiving.

              Which people will assume is a time for atoning for ones wringdo

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