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Time for a little input.


I’m going to try to be a presenter at the 2018 Florida Writers Association conference,

which I was honored to attend in 2017 as a presenter.

I’m gonna send my application soon, and I was curious…

  • What kind of topics would you like to see presented at a conference?

  • What areas do you need help with?

  • What is your trouble spot?

The FWA conferences in the past have been very good about covering some entry-level stuff for people who are just getting started, and they have lots of agents and stuff there for others. They do a pitch fest. It’s fun!


What have you seen at other conferences you’ve attended that really you enjoyed?

What kind of things make topics might you want to see me do a presentation on?

The reason I ask is because you guys might need things that I don’t even think to talk about.

If it is something that I can present on, then I will submit my application with the request that I present on the topic you choose! or maybe I can cover it here, as a blog post. If it’s a big enough topic, maybe it can be a webinar. (I’m thinking about webinars in 2017. I mean 2018. It’s hard to be in November and think about January.)


What kind of topics would you like to see discussed at a conference, or which ones really benefited you at a conference you attended in the past?

Speak to me!

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13 thoughts on “Speak To Me!

  1. How writing has changed over time is a good topic – for example, the classics are mainly written in very flowery and descriptive prose; the modern audience is not at all keen on that. If you want to sell books to a modern market, you need to write what they want to see, prose wise.

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  2. What I need help with is probably not what your looking for. I’m in the depths of it right now. How to sell and advertise for a book is overwhelming to me. How do you get your book out there? What do you price it at? What sites do you list it on? How do you set-up a social media platform? It’s almost too much to take in at once. It makes me think of a new teacher trying to learn all the curriculum, differentiate instruction, set-up classroom routines that promote learning and positive behavior, and help students deal with difficult home lives. Every job has many things you need to juggle. It’s like taking a drink out of a fire hose. How do you juggle it all? What is the order of the steps you need to take? Maybe most authors are already proficient at these things, but for me it is very daunting.

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    1. Everybody has that issue when they put a book out.

      The key is: baby steps.

      What seems overwhelming on day one is pretty routine after a while.

      We’ll talk about that, though, because if somebody has thousands of dollars to launch their marketing campaign, what I would recommend them is gonna be a little different than if somebody only has hundreds of dollars or possibly no dollars!

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    2. We’ve done lots of posts on social media and building your author platform, so you can go to the search box and into those search terms and read what we put there.

      As far as advertising, that’s going to be different by genre.

      However, there are a few that tend to do pretty well.

      Since they don’t advertise on my site, I don’t advertise them publicly but I’m happy to talk to you about it privately!

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    1. Got it. You know Allison is the real authority on POV, so I might have to get her involved.

      We have a running joke about a mutual acquaintance who writes and always wants to go deep POV and describe every pebble on the road as the car passes by. That might be too deep.

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