Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?


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5 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

  1. I was interested in your encouraging posts about being a best-selling author. I hadn’t realised that it was a big deal to sell every day on Kindle Amazon. So can I do a retrospective brag? Because I sold every day for the first eight months when my first book was released in May 2015. And it went up to number 2 in my category (alternative history). Does that mean I can say I’m a best-selling author too? I have to add that I did have a ready-made audience of Ricardians (there are a lot of us!), but still…! 🙂

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  2. I wrote a picture book and am halfway through storyboarding the illustrations for it. I also have several illustrations in progress for Book Two in the “Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore” series by K. Kibbee, along with one that is finished (first draft stage). Also, I have another concept idea percolating for a second picture book which I’ve started taking notes on and writing a few lines down here and there as they come to me. 🙂

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