Word Weaver Celebrity Judge Profile – meet KELLY ABELL

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Meet and greet the folks who will be helping assess the winners of the November Word Weaver Writing Contest.

Learn about each of our celebrity judges and see what each will be looking for in the contest.

Here’s celebrity Judge Kelly Abell.


Kelly, tell us about you and your writerly pursuits.

I am an author, blogger, and graphic artist. I’m the author of over 13 published works including novels, novellas and short stories in various genres. Please visit my Books By Kelly page to learn more about my books.

international bestselling author and celebrity judge Kelly Abell

What defines your writing style?

I enjoy writing characters with passion, power and purpose no matter the genre. When you pick up a Kelly Abell novel that’s what you will find, characters you can believe in and want to get know.

Some more than others. Ha Ha.

What has your path in the publication world been like?

I’ve had a long journey, over 15 years, in the publishing industry where I’ve served as an editor, a cover artist, formatter and

Editor in Chief of two different publishing houses.

I took all I learned with me and now challenge my own graphic artists to create covers and marketing materials that Get You Noticed. Check out my site at www.selectografix.com 

Gang, in addition to all that, HERE is what Kelly feels she brings to the Word Weaver judging table:

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

I think the fact that I’m an author gives me a unique perspective and enables me to better understand marketing needs for authors.

I’m looking forward to reading your works! Good Luck!

And THANK YOU, Kelly, for joining the team as one of our three celebrity judges.

Gang, I’ve known Kelly a while, and she is THE BEST. If you are impressing her with your story, you’ve done well.

COME BACK TOMORROW and meet ANOTHER of our THREE celebrity judges and learn more insights on how to do well in our contest!

NEXT UP: bestselling author Jenifer Ruff


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