20 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. At the risk of sounding grumpy. I don’t care either way. Elaboration follows….
    Writing is great fun, while part of my motivation is to entertain. If only one or two people read it and enjoyed it. Job done. If no one reads it….Well, we’ll wait a century or two and see about that.
    (I am not a good influence on young or new writers, but this attitude has got me two kindle books under the belt this year…I’ll get double figure sales yet!)

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  2. I didn’t tell anyone I was writing until it was half way done. Just didn’t want to have people asking forever… so how’s the novel you’re working on? Huh? You know the one you’ve been working on for three years? Got something new to write about now? Make the characters a little more three dimensional? Some twists and turns? A little epilogue? Everybody learns the hero’s journey isn’t always a happy one? … Yeah, that’s why I didn’t tell anyone I was writing. Thanks family guy. 🙂

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