Little Things = Big Blunders. Guest blog post by Russell Fellows

Russell Fellows

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can derail your story.

Little story gremlins wreak havoc on an otherwise smooth operation.

Hard to spot? Yes.

Easy to fix? Absolutely – though it can be time consuming.

Don’t fret, there is hope.

Once upon a time, I was an airplane mechanic. Of the Avionics variety. This meant I spent most of my time chasing after ghosts within systems that if they weren’t working the plane wasn’t flying. And nine out of ten times, it was a simple problem that caused a lot of headache. A misplaced pin within a cable.

Someone trying to operate the system in what they called the “official” mode

(read: OFF – because they thought it was an abbreviation.

Yes, it does happen.). Wires with nicks or cuts.

Simple things. Easy fixes. Not easy to spot (OK, the official mode thing is pretty easy to spot…just not easy to explain to the operator why they were having the problem). Sometimes, time consuming to fix.

Russell J. FellowsThe same is with your story. Grammar, spelling…the wrong word used because maybe you didn’t really understand what it meant.

There are lots of small pitfalls that can cause big problems in your story.

These are the things I look for as an editor. I find a big problem, and I go to the source. Where did the character’s arc begin to fall apart? What words need to be deleted to make the story stronger?

Of course, these are also the things that I need another set of eyes to see in my own stories. We all make mistakes, and we all need a second pair of eyes to find them.

My short story Yanka and the Dragons is a perfect example. There were many, glaring, problems that I missed as the writer. A couple of great beta readers, and my wife, helped point them out and I think it made for a stronger, greater story.

One problem was the consistency of my protagonist’s voice. What I mean by voice is their personality, their agency, and their make-up. The protagonist is a ten year old girl from a small desert village. At one point, I had her using words that normally would not fit a character from that scenario – nor did it fit her character at all. I was using a word, incorrectly, that I had (all my life) believed meant one thing, only to find out it meant something entirely different (still not sure how I managed that…but I digress).

But the worst offense of the entire story was that, when it all boiled down, I didn’t have much of a story.

The growth of my protagonist, and the surrounding characters, wasn’t there. There wasn’t much for readers to care about other than “oh, that was a cute story”.

It took another set of eyes (multiple sets in this case) to see the small problems

and it took some time for me to fix them. Now, I have a stronger story. A compelling story. A story that will live on in a series.

Sometimes, it is the small things that can derail your story. But, as you can see, there is hope.

With the aid of beta readers and, perhaps, a professional editor, your story can overcome those pitfalls. It can become a strong, compelling story.


If you are an author looking for that second set of eyes, perhaps on the professional editing side, feel free to contact me.

With over 14 years of editing experience, I can help you overcome the pitfalls and make a strong, compelling story.

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Yanka and the Dragons revised_Page_1Yanka and the Dragons:

Ten year-old Yanka Ouedraogo finds that dragons are not monsters of stories. They are real, and they are coming. After the arrival of mysterious Princess Su Yin, Yanka discovers her mama once bore the title of Dragon Watcher for the legendary Knights of Tiqvah. Mama leaves to stop the onslaught of dragons and tasks Yanka with protecting her two younger brothers. One problem: after her father’s death, Yanka fears she’s the last person to protect anyone. When dragons invade her village, Yanka learns they want one thing: her. Can she escape the invasion and prove able to protect her brothers? Will the mysterious Knights of Tiqvah arrive to save the day? Or will a new Dragon Watcher appear and stop the carnage in time? (Middle Grade level, but good for the whole family!)

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Slide1The Piano Player:

World famous musician Mike Jonas broke a promise. Greek muse of music, Euterpe, gave him fame and fortune in return for his complete devotion. When a new love enters his life, Euterpe strikes. She kidnaps Mike’s fiancée Megan and threatens her life unless Mike proves that he still belongs to her. In his quest to fulfill Euterpe’s test, Mike is shaken to his core and all he holds as true is questioned. (Does contain language that might not be suitable for children.)

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all that is asked in return is an honest review on Amazon.

Hurry! Limited time. These will go FAST!

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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