15 thoughts on “The Zombunny 

  1. I asked my oldest daughter what she thought of the photo of what I’m assuming is the cover. Her response, “Poor bunny.” I asked her, “Would you read the book?” She said, “Yes, because I want to know what happened to the poor bunny.”
    My younger daughter said, “No way! Who would want to read that book?” Then she ran away from the computer.
    My husband won’t allow me to reveal their exact ages, but they are not teenagers yet, but over the age of 9.

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    • I guess it’s not for everybody!

      In my daughters class, they are crazy about zombies. She’s seven.

      On the other hand, my editor suggested we change the blood to brown so it looks like dirt. He’s dirty, not bloody.

      I told my daughter that and she said no! Why would he be dirty in his eyeballs? It should be blood!


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