32 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

  1. This has been a great week for me, Dan. I participated in my first Children’s Book Fayre, I participated in a corporate book event and I finished my Halloween poem entry for Aurora’s poetry competition. Not bad for a full time working mom I thought.

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  2. I’ve had a great week too. I set my mind to finishing an article which I’ve just submitted to an Editor and generally just feeling good and supported by the Universe. Loved getting lots of things done in my garden too. 🌹🌷

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  3. I’ve redesigned my blog to start fresh with a clearer goal for each week (the whole one-post-a-year model wasn’t working). I’ve tried reading just one book instead of five at once – it’s certainly helped! I also finalised the design of our Save the Dates earlier this week and, just now, paid the deposit for my wedding band/dj.

    Nothing staggering, but little gears that needed to click into place so the bigger machine could work.

    What’s your brag, Dan?

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  4. I managed to complete a blog post again- I’ve been trying to complete it for a week and a half but the lil ones haven’t been cooperative. Not a huge writing win, but I’ll take it! On a non-writing note, this week was the first time that I felt like the children’s choir I’m directing will be ready for the big joint choral event that’s coming up…way, way too fast.

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