What A Fun Opportunity!

bestselling author Jenifer Ruff

Guest blog post by a co-author of The Box Under The Bed, bestselling author Jenifer Ruff


I found Dan Alatorre when an author friend shared a link for one of Dan’s writing contests.

My eyes flew to  “the first twenty submissions get a free critique.”

I didn’t even pay attention to the contest part. I love getting fresh eyes and feedback on my work.

In a flash, I cut and pasted chapter one of Only Wrong Once (my chapter ones always need the most work) into an email to Dan and pressed send.

And am I ever glad I did!

I’ve worked with a few different editors and I’m part of a critique group of published authors, so I have some experience under my belt when I tell you that Dan’s critique was awesome! Not only did he point out where my work could be improved, but he offered creative alternative suggestions – as opposed to just “replace/don’t like.”

In my opinion, the most important factor to becoming a successful author is the motivation to keep learning and to be consistent and persistent with efforts.

If it’s a fun journey, the chances of sticking with it and finding success (your definition) is far greater! In addition to being an awesome editor, Dan’s attitude about writing and publishing is fun. So, of course I wanted to work with him on this anthology.

I didn’t have time to put together an original scary story, or maybe I just didn’t have a good idea, so I went with a disturbing chapter from a current manuscript. Dan guided me toward major improvements, and several of his suggestions applied to all of my future writing.

It’s unusual to bring all the contributors together and allow everyone to be involved in the process.

Unusual, because it’s a huge pain for the person doing the organizing and answering all the questions.

But Dan did it anyway

and it made the experience way more fun and meaningfulThe Box Under the Bed author Face Book page facilitated communication, but also became a  place to share marketing ideas and to build our author networks.

I can’t wait for the next anthology!

Thank you, Jenifer, for such kind words. Your writing is amazing and I had to have it in the anthology. I selected it as the first main story because it’s so good.

Gang, it was a blast working with such amazing talents like Jenifer Ruff on this scary anthology.

Check out Jenifer’s other works HERE, including her bestseller Everett,

and check out the Box Under The Bed right now!


Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

11 thoughts on “What A Fun Opportunity!

  1. Yes. Like I said, I don’t do horror and your story gave me nightmares already. I even skipped a lot of the end. I’m sure if someone loves horror, they will love your part of the anthology.

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