Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

Writing or otherwise, let’s get to know each other better.


Pat yourself on the back in the comments section below.



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26 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

  1. I’ve dragged myself out of the dark closet, taken some deep breaths and faced the world by waking up my derelict blog. I’ve also plotted and written over 10,000 words towards a new book, AND secured a job interview for a promotion I’ve wanted for quite some time—all while recovering from surgery! I think it’s been a good week 🙂

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      1. Thanks!! Let’s see if I’m still feeling so positive next week; after my post-op consultation, returning to work and having the interview! This time next week might be a whole different story—one that wouldn’t fit into ‘Brag of the week’.

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        1. I’m so glad! It was truthful :o) and I do hope I’ve planted a seed. I have many thoughts on how it could have been expanded and if you ever do decide to do so, I’ll be first in line for the purchase :o)

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  2. I wrote 5 short stories for my blog this week and 2 extra ones that I haven’t posted yet! My goal is to put out a story every two days, so I’m trying to write a backlog in case I don’t have time to write. Here’s hoping I can keep this up!

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            1. I think my readers understand different guests are going to make posts of different lengths. As far as swearing, I’m not sure it’s a big deal. If I feel it’s excessive we’ll talk and maybe drop in some asterisks, but I seriously doubt it will be over the top for anybody. They can always stop reading if they don’t like the cussing!


  3. I’ve finished major beta rewrites. Now all that is left is to hunt down a few pesky words that helped me hit word count goals but don’t do much for the story, send it off for final edit review and start lining up potential launch posts for November/December

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