Your Executive Producer Moment

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Yesterday we talked a little about adding layers to your story in the second draft.

I thought of a better way to describe it. Let me know if this sounds familiar:


Where are the orphans!


I Gotta have more cowbell!


We as writers know what we want from a scene. The writer says: I need my character to get out. Let’s have them walk right out.

The reader says, “Hey, wait a minute!”

THAT’s the executive producer moment.

“I love what you did here. Can we add a whale in the scene? And this other character who is this tough guy. Can that be a woman? A black woman maybe?
“Or maybe… a dolphin!”
Be the executive producer on your story.

This scene needs more orphans!

Where are the orphans?

(I don’t know what movie that’s from.)
The writer buries his head and slinks out of the room.
The executive producer thinks he’s just added brilliance to the script

Or in music: I Gotta have more cowbell!


They key is to be that unattached, just not that clueless. But look for your cowbell moments.

And add them.

Because sometimes ya gotta have more cowbell.

Or orphans, as the case were.

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