Anthology Update: get Ready, HERE IT COMES!

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The Box Under The Bed comes out October 1 in eBook

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People have asked me if I’d do another anthology, after seeing how much work it is.


The answer is YES!

I don’t pretend it’s not work or that I like messing up and having 20 people call me on it, but like anything else, it’s a learning curve and I expect to get better each time.

My first Word Weaver Writing Contest was borderline overwhelming.

The second one was MUCH smoother

because I knew what to expect – and how to pace myself. The next one, probably in November (maybe sooner) will be even easier as I continue to build the muscles needed to do the lifting.

Same with the anthology.

I had almost no idea what to expect when I decided to do this. In truth, some things I thought would be easy turned out to be hard, and some things that I thought would be really difficult – like formatting the paperback – were really easy. (Thanks again, Jenifer!)
This anthology stuff will get smoother with each one we do, too, and it’s been a lot of fun learning how to coordinate this, taking people’s stories and turning them into a book, and helping a few people become published authors for the first time.
I really can’t wait until we start the next one! (But I will. Because I’m kinda exhausted.) More of you will get published for the first time, with some bestselling authors! Where else can you get a deal like that?

On the first, the real work begins: marketing.

Rest up! We’re gonna need everyone’s help!

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