Hurricane update: we’re fine 

Hi gang!

Most of you know I live in Tampa, Florida, site a big hurricane situation for the last… oh, WEEK or so. 

Last night Irma rolled through. 
Bottom line, we’re fine. 

Lots of wind and not too much rain, zero flooding at our house. (My fireplace dripped for a few hours, but what are you gonna do – technically it’s a hole in the roof, isn’t it?)

We have several tree limbs down in the yards and no electrical power yet – that cut out at about 8pm last night – but the phone lines and cell towers never stopped working, so we were able to stay current on important updates on Facebook. (Gotta have a cat meme fix on occasion, you know?)

Today we’ll fire up the generator and cook some stuff from our fridge outside on our gas grill and watch DVDs while we await the return of general electricity, while using the batteries and chargers we charged. 
Savvy’s been playing Minecraft since 6am, after falling asleep on the couch watching Guardians of the Galaxy on a laptop between her loving parents, safe and sound, knowing everything was going to be okay. 

That’s how you know you did it right. 

We were lucky, and we were prepared. 

And we thank all of you who sent your thoughts and prayers. 


That’s the weather radar, and that scary red dot was Irma – now just a storm. 

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62 thoughts on “Hurricane update: we’re fine 

    1. Yep! We haven’t needed to use it in more than 10 years, but we have one – and we are using it today. We plugged in a window air-conditioner in our master bedroom, we are charging our cell phones, plug in the refrigerator in the kitchen, and will be watching DVDs later today in cool, air-conditioned comfort.

      Likely the power will be turned on in the next 24 hours or so.

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      1. Very relieved to hear you’re all safe, Dan! Here’s to Minecraft (my kids would want me to say that) and Terraria and LEGOs and . . . Yay for the generator, too! We’ve got one, but just like the snow blower, have not had to use it. The snow blower’s kind of surprising, but better safe than without electricity/food/water via the generator. Stay well!

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    1. That’s the key, everybody safe. We did all right!

      By the way, we don’t have Internet yet because we don’t have power, so I’m doing all this by way of cell phone because the cell towers didn’t go down.

      No big deal but that’s why no additional editing will be getting done today. probably!

      I opened all the emails and all the attachments and if I decide to power up my computer (using a battery), I can finish editing the story, but I’m gonna take care of other things today like getting a nap and maybe drinking some beers because we didn’t get a lot of sleep last night!

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          1. Lol. But seriously. yes, some people can get very ill from heat exhaustion, so it’s a toss up. But we have the warm gear here for protection. You can’t take off your skin when it’s too hot. LOL

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  1. Good to know you and yours are all okay Dan and not too much damage by the sounds of it … must admit I feared a lot worse for you guys from the UK news last night … holding a beer right now – cheers. Eric

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    1. It sounds cliché but I know what it’s like to watch the news when you are in the center of what they are reporting on. They need a story and saying everything is fine doesn’t get eyeballs on to their station so they have to look for the sensational angle. Especially in the UK. Having traveled abroad, I can tell you, what you guys see about our country and what our country is really like, almost not even close.

      But that’s the media.

      As far as my friends go, I try to keep everybody informed and we got through pretty good and I appreciate all the support!

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  2. Thank God, you’re all safe. You know, reading your post above, it reminded me of Angel on Her Shoulder when the hurricane was about to hit. Spooky – little bit. Anyway, the fact that you’re all okay is the best news in the world. 🙂

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    1. I was telling my dad that. He doesn’t read online so I have to send him the paperback of Angel, so he just got it and started reading it, and of course he’s in Ohio so he’s 1000 miles away from the hurricane so he asked me to call him every day at 7 PM to let him know we were OK.

      So I called him this morning because it seemed more appropriate to call him in the morning today after the hurricane passed through, and I said the same thing, that the story he’s reading, the backstory is taking place against a hurricane and they debate about whether to stay or leave, etc. It causes a lot of anxiety and now that I’ve gone through it again, I can’t think of a way to capture it properly on the page, but it is unnerving.

      If only I could think of a marketing angle for that, it launch it to number one I’m sure!

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