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One of the things we have been thinking about doing for quite a while is offering online classes or workshops.

As part of that, we created the Internet show, “Writers Off Task With Friends,” a fun internet show, and we also signed up to be presenters at this year’s Florida Writers Association conference (October 19 – 22, 2017). 


it seems a little silly to wait a whole year to get information you need.

So I was thinking I might have them here.

Well, not here, really. But on the regular Internet. You know, YouTube.

How it would work is, I would announce the date here, and share the link; anybody who signed up would be admitted to view the online presentation.

  • It’ll be a live video chat
  • you can ask questions
  • you can be on camera (or not)

I would present a topic for 30 to 45 minutes and then answer questions. The class would be recorded so people could to watch it later, and they would be cataloged here on the blog. I’d do some free ones and then maybe charge a fee for longer ones. Who knows.

Obviously there are lots of topics. 

And if we have learned anything from this blog, there are lots of questions.

So if I was to do this, what some of the topics be that you would like to see discussed?

Would any of you like to host one, discussing your favorite topic?

What topics would make for a good video presentation?

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11 thoughts on “Classes/Workshops

  1. I think this is a great idea. People love YouTube. Some topics, well, off the top of my head how about Grabby opening paragraphs, How much detail is enough, what is the purpose of extra characters, tips on tying up all of the strings properly.

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    1. Show don’t tell would be easy. A blurb? I’m still not sure I’ve ever figured out how to do it properly. But I have two different outlines that would make for a great show, to walk through your information and drop it in using a kind of template. And then of course you massage it afterwards.

      Grammar… I think I’m OK with grammar. Usually. Maybe not enough to do a show on it, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get somebody else to do it!

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