I love using the digital proofer at CreateSpace.

turning page

Here’s the anthology interior, or at least a few screen shots of it, as created by Jenifer Ruff.

Gang, this is AMAZING stuff. She did a table of contents with the page numbers listed for each story, a header over every page, some artistic flourishes at the end of each story – DOES THIS LOOK PROFESSIONAL OR WHAT??

Everybody, give a big THANK YOU to Jenifer Ruff for volunteering hours and hours of time to make this book look good.

The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO

And get your eBook copy right now on preorder for just $0.99. That price goes up the day of release AND my bonus story comes OUT. Click HERE to get yours NOW!

We are ON SCHEDULE for an October 1 release for the paperback AND the eBook! 

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

29 thoughts on “LOOK AT THIS!

  1. This looks stunningly professional and such an amazing achievement to have the release of the e-book and paperback coincide thanks to so much effort and skill from both Jenifer and Dan. Here’s to the next one (only joking!) Eric.

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            1. Good grief, no! Why should you have to, Dan?!? I don’t like it when I make a boo-boo in a reply, either, but usually I proof read my responses anywhere on the Internet before hitting the “post” button to minimize mistakes, and anyone should take responsibility for his own botches, rather than asking you to do it !
              Dan’s right, J.A., 50 of 100 comments on this thread will revolve around typos! Good grief !

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