I love using the digital proofer at CreateSpace.

turning page

Here’s the anthology interior, or at least a few screen shots of it, as created by Jenifer Ruff.

Gang, this is AMAZING stuff. She did a table of contents with the page numbers listed for each story, a header over every page, some artistic flourishes at the end of each story – DOES THIS LOOK PROFESSIONAL OR WHAT??

Everybody, give a big THANK YOU to Jenifer Ruff for volunteering hours and hours of time to make this book look good.

The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO

And get your eBook copy right now on preorder for just $0.99. That price goes up the day of release AND my bonus story comes OUT. Click HERE to get yours NOW!

We are ON SCHEDULE for an October 1 release for the paperback AND the eBook! 

29 thoughts on “LOOK AT THIS!

  1. This looks stunningly professional and such an amazing achievement to have the release of the e-book and paperback coincide thanks to so much effort and skill from both Jenifer and Dan. Here’s to the next one (only joking!) Eric.

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